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Published on December 3, 2004 By powderfinger007 In Blogging
I want :

firstly (the most important)
- My boyfriend under the christmas tree

secondly (less important than first wish) :
- winter without snow
- some new music videos
- new collection of 'House'
- Interesting movies during the christmas break
- pass my all exams

thirdly (my remaining wishes) :
- faster internet
- mail account without spam
- christmas without my sister

And my special wish is :
Macky, please...throw the cigarettes .
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on Dec 03, 2004
Well, what I really want I can't have (my mom and dad), so, I really hope to give my children a really great Christmas celebration this year.
on Dec 03, 2004
I hope that your Christmas will be great this year
on Dec 03, 2004
Here's wishing all your wants, wishes, and even special wishes come true.

on Dec 03, 2004
what a beautiful christmas tree
on Dec 03, 2004
If I could have anything in the world it would be:


--both of my parents to find good paying jobs
--my dad to lose weight so he can go to trucking school (he's 413 lbs.)


--My brother and sister to reconcile with me and my parents
--My grandparents (my dad's parents) to reconcile with me and my parents
--To be able to know my neice and do things with her.


--a car
--a cellphone
--a different job

And I might need:

--new jeans
--new clothes in general
--motivation for school

I have plans to give to so many people and if I could give to you guys I would go broke from all the things I'd have to get just for my faves!!


on Dec 03, 2004
- My boy under the christmas tree

That would be a logistical nightmare babe

Macky, please...throw the cigarettes .

I promised I would, didn't I? Patience...all you need is patience
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